Flying into South Florida?


Here is some helpful information for getting here. 

There are two major airports you can fly into: Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and Miami International Airport (MIA). They are among the busiest airports in North America! Please note that FLL airport is approximately 45 north of MIA airport, so adjust your travel time accordingly. 

FLL and MIA are very large international airports that service 10’s of millions of people and thousands of flights from all over the world annually. Both airports feature over 100 carriers so wherever you live, you most likely will be able to get a flight from a nearby international hub to one or the other.

Unless you are in North/South/Central America, please note that even the most direct methods of travel to FLL or MIA will take take some time:

  • From Europe expect an average travel time of 9-12 hours, with most locations requiring at least one layover.
  • From Africa, average travel time will be 12-15 hours, with most locations requiring at least one layover. 
  • From the Middle East/Asia/India/Japan, the average travel time is 15-20 hours, with most locations requiring at least one layover. 
  • From Australia/New Zealand, average travel time is 20-25 hours, with most locations requiring at least one layover. 
  • From many of the Pacific Islands, average travel time will be 25-35 hours, with most locations requiring 1-2 layovers.

Please note that these are estimates and can be shorter or longer depending on how many stops your trip takes.

The price of flights to FLL or MIA from your destination will vary based on a number of factors. As a tourist destination, Southeast Florida sees an annual increase of passengers to the area beginning around late November. For this reason, I recommend using a travel website (or two!) to check on the costs of flights between 6 months and 6 weeks from your desired flight date, this is usually when you find the best prices. 

Please feel free to contact us ( if you have a question about your trip. 

Airport Greeters will be stationed at the following locations at Miami Airport with a REEF FUTURES sign: 

  • American Airlines: D Terminal, Baggage Claim 25
  • United, Delta, Air Canada: J Terminal, Baggage Claim 4

Be sure to check out the flight and baggage requirements before booking your travel. Make sure to read the fine print of an airlines missed flight exchange and cancellation policies before proceeding with this method.

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