Reef Futures Planning Team

Reef Futures Planning Team 22 

The Symposium Planning Committee is excited to welcome delegates from around the world to Key Largo, and is committed to organizing a first-rate sustainable conference that incorporates south Florida's unique local flavor into this global meeting for marine restoration science.

Symposium Conveners
Scott Winters - Coral Restoration Foundation
Tom Moore - NOAA Restoration Center
Tali Vardi - ECS for NOAA Fisheries, Office of Science and Technology

Symposium Coordinator
Meghan Balling - ERT for NOAA Fisheries, Restoration Center

Symposium Planning Committee Chairs 

Ilsa Kuffner, Les Kaufman & Jennifer Moore - Science Program Committee Chairs

Luis Solarzano - Sponsorship Committee Chair

Jessica Levy - Local Planning Committee Chair

Robin Garcia - Marketing & Press Committee Chair

Kelli O'Donnell - Plenary Session Chair


Science Program Planning Committee

Ilsa Kuffner (Co-Chair) - U.S. Geological Survey

Les Kaufman (Co-Chair) - Boston University

Jennifer Moore - NOAA Fisheries Protected Resources Division

Tom Moore - NOAA Restoration Center

Tali Vardi - NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology

Rebecca Albright - California Academy of Sciences

Line Bay - Australian Institute of Marine Sciences

Diego Lirman - University of Miami

Petra Lundgren - Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Phanor Montoya - Corales de Paz

Margaret Miller - SECORE International

Buki Rinkevich - National Institute of Oceanography 


Sponsorship Committee 
Luiz Solarzano (Chair) - The Nature Conservancy
Petra MacGowan - The Nature Conservancy
Elizabeth Shaver - The Nature Conservancy
Joe Pollock - The Nature Conservancy
Scott Winters - Coral Restoration Foundation
Martha Roesler - Coral Restoration Foundation 
Tom Moore - NOAA Restoration Center
Susan Gerrish - SECORE International
Richard Glover - Florida Aquarium
Libby Joyce - Florida Aquarium


Symposium Contact Information

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